Fun pictures of my trip to the grocery store in Moscow.

These where taken with my iPhone so if the quality is not up to my usual par it is because I was not able to bring my camera into the store. As a matter of fact I was not really allowed to take many pictures anywhere .  All of these I took kind of on the down low.

I will say the condition of this store where nearly sterile.  Extremely clean and extremely organized with very attentive customer service. There is a bit of discomfort coming from the extremely strong security presence and you are constantly being watched by men in suits talking into their wrists with ear pieces.

There was loads of prepared foods and i could sense a strong Asian flare and culinary interest including sushi and lots of stir fry looking stuff.  On different days i noticed live seafood including Sturgeon, huge red trout, live carp, really huge green crayfish, lobster and a few others I could not recognizable.

I was in aw of the caviar selection red and black….the red caviar was a serious deal with up to 40+kinds to choose from and the smoked fish was endless, cold smoke, hot smoke and all kinds of different fish.  The cured meats where also limitless, lots and lots of pork salamis, and other emulsified pork and liver items.

I was also amazed how much exotic fruits there where to offer. Mind you these where from all over the world  with only a few items coming locally and only available when the sun is shining in summer.

Produce coming from all over the world, Japan, North Africa, all over western Europe.

I will say the quality of most produce was just ok and I was quite limited with quantity and majority of the produce was less than perfect,  However now that summer is here things have improved much.

The Dairy products here are incredible and I like that most of the products clearly with the percent of fat the product contain.  I saw yogurt with o% as well as 5%, It was easy to find the milk and cream etc Milk being 3% and cream 33% and heavy cream 38%.

Unfortunately what I was told was the Russian wines where not memorable so I did not sample. I did notice some very cheep sparkling wine produced that looked like “Cooks” and there where more options coming from the Ukraine (the south).

Lots of confections and delicious breads and French cheese for days!!!!!

Food here is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive.  There is not a lot of local items and much work goes into getting the food here in as good of conditions as possible.

I love my shopping adventures here.

Sadly at the outdoor market I was unable to even get out my iPhone for pictures.  Photos where really FORBIDDEN!! It was a huge mini village dedicated to selling food , food products seemed to e both retail and resale.  Huge indoor outdoor structure with food as far as you could see. Vegetables stacked to ceiling, fruits from all over the world. Caviar and  smoked products everywhere.  Commotion yelling, people staring, pushing and hustling. No refrigeration, meat as far as you could, see bad stench of death.  Room temperature and seeing all that flesh was really a sight for me to swallow.  People yelling and trying to get your attention to buy their products. Every meat you could imaging (whole animals everywhere) heads looking at you, cleaver chopping and hacking everywhere you look. Hundreds of pounds of fresh room temperature flesh in ever directions baby animals of all kinds!  I was so fascinated and it inspired me like I can not eve explain.  So many different fish, live ones as well, things I had never seen before. Huge whole sharks, Huge sturgeon, fish from Africa.  I was so overwhelmed my intrigued chef mind was going crazy so many products so little time and no camera…..Hell!!!!!

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